Army reserve colonel Adam Rurak is a graduate of Polish Air Force Academy and War Studies University. At the latter he obtained his PhD in Command. He held managerial positions in the Air Force and in the General Staff of the Polish Army as the chief of staff at the 23rd training squadron, air force training regiment, chief of the Operations Faculty and chief of staff at the Polish Air Force Academy. At that time, he authored and contributed to a great number of publications, training programmes and command exercise programmes in the field of air defence. He participated in numerous exercises at the squadron, regiment and division command levels. He was also a host and participant of many conferences and a member of the Senate of the Polish Air Force Academy.

During his service at the General Staff he expanded his experience and knowledge in military training, air force management in national and international security, air defence and national defence (including crisis management). He was a chief change officer at the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of National Defence. He took part in numerous meetings of parlimentary and senate commissions related to national defence and military training. Colonel Rurak worked at the Scientific Committee of the Polish Military Bibliography at the Marshal Pilsudski’s Central Military Library, at the Military Centre for Standardization, Quality and Codification and at the Civic Service Corps Position Evaluation Team of the Ministry of National Defence. He authored various publications on the topic of national security and defence. Colonel Rurak supervises and reviews B.A. and M.A. dissertations and theses.


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