The solemn commemorations at the Monument to the Fallen Soldiers of Foreign Missions and Operations inaugurated the workshop meeting hosted by the Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives at the Centre for Foreign Mission Veterans. The main goal of the meeting was the launch of „Polish Army – foreign missions” board game created by WISI in cooperation with Veteran Centre and publishing house Taktyka i Strategia as a part of the project Live history – meeting with a veteran.

The high school teachers, media and NGO representatives participating in the workshops had the opportunity to learn about the Veteran Centre, whose mission is to nurture the memory of Polish soldiers serving abroad, and get acquainted with the history of Polish Army’s foreign involvement after the Second World War. The innovative exhibition in Tradition Hall drew considerable attention due to the presence of unique exhibits and meticulously prepared display. Polish veterans donated numerous personal belongings, making the display a genuine representation of what the life on a foreign mission looks like. This part of the meeting was concluded with a visit to the exhibition devoted to Polish sappers serving with the Polish contingent in Afghanistan.

Then the meeting proceeded to its most important part, the pilot gameplay of „Polish Army – foreign missions”, where the teachers acted as players. The characters were moving through a board map of the world, following steps of the Polish soldiers on foreign missions and acquiring points for answering questions related to the topic. It aimed to present the game as an atypical, valuable and engaging educational tool, but also to test the game’s mechanisms.

The game „Polish Army – foreign missions” will soon be available to win in competitions organised by our partners, but separate copies will also be distributed to school participating in the project. We encourage you to follow our Facebook profile, where we will share the latest information on the compatitions.

We invite schools and teachers interested in the project to contact WISI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (fill the subject box with “Żywa historia - spotkanie z weteranem”) or call WISI directly at +48 793 411 031.

We invite prospective partners interested in supporting the project at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We also encourage you to contact the Center for Foreign Mission Veterans, get acquainted with its educational offer, the library contents and other offerings of the Center. You can find more information at


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