On 9th May, Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives, in cooperation with Slovakian think tank GLOBSEC, will organise a seminar entitled “Poland as a Foundation of Modernization of NATO’s Eastern Flank: Priorities and Directions for Advancement.”. The aim of the seminar is to define and indicate the main prioritization areas for the advancement of NATO’s Eastern Flank, giving special significance to the role of the Republic of Poland in this process.

The following seminar is a part of a wider project “Eastern Flank of NATO: Europe’s Security Pillar”, which raises the issue of the Treaty’s forces’ directions of advancement in the region, in order to adapt them to the challenges of the 21st century. According to the GLOBSEC report, expansionist policy of the Russian Federation constitutes one of the main threats for the Alliance, and consequently positions the Eastern borders of NATO (i.e. Poland, Romania and Baltic States) as a region of strategic importance. This is why the advancement of NATO structures in this region should be considered a reorganization priority for the entire Treaty. The project assumes an active participation of the domestic policy-making institutions, military units as well as representatives of NATO states and central and local NATO structures.

During the seminar, GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation Iniciative Report, concerning new challenges and threats for NATO within the Transatlantic region, will be presented.

Invited speakers: Tomáš A.Nagy, (Research Fellow, Defence and Security Programme, GLOBSEC Policy Institute), Dominik Jankowski, (Head of OSCE & Eastern Security Unit, Security Policy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland).

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