We are pleased to inform that on November 14th, Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives held a workshop entitled “Maritime and Naval Production – Determinants and Perspectives” which inaugurated the “Polish Shipyard Industry: Between Security and Economic Development” project. The aim of the project is to raise the awareness about the possibilities given by the Marine Investment Fund, show the opportunities and challenges for simultaneous Naval and Maritime production, map the Polish potential in this field and underline the importance of dual use technology in the shipyard industry.

The meeting, which was moderated by the Director of Analysis Division at WISI, started with an address by the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation – Grzegorz Witkowski, whose speech indicated Ministry’s priorities for the Shipyard industry in Poland. The first part of the workshop, followed up by the presentation made by the Head of Ship Industry Department at the Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation – Maciej Styczyński concerning the shipbuilding global trends, focused on the characteristics of the shipbuilding market in Poland. During the second part of the meeting, preceded by the speech of the Vice-Director of Maritime Platform Bureau at Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (Polish Armaments Group), the discussion concerning the development and the possibilities for acquiring dual use technology by the Polish shipyard industry took place. Amongst the guests there were representatives of Polish Navy, government officials, specialized media, arms industry, independent experts and academic lecturers. Specific recommendations from the workshop will be included in the final summative report of the whole Programme.

The workshop has been granted honorary patronage by the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Maritime Economy Committee of the Sejm chair - Dorota Arciszewska-Mielewczyk and National Defence Committee of the Sejm chair – Michał Jach as well as media patronages of Gospodarkamorska.pl, Radio Gdańsk, Radio Szczecin and „Morze” journal.

Furthermore, we are also pleased that on June 19th another part of the project – conference “Polish Shipyard Industry: Between Security and Economic Development” will be held. In order to register for the event, follow our website.

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