Col (Ret.) Professor Adam Radomyski graduated the Tadeusz Kościuszko Mechanized Infantry Officer School in Wroclaw. He also studied organization and management - command army at the National Defence University (1996-1998). He has a Master degree in economy (1998) and a postgraduate diploma in pedagogy (1999). Between 1998 and 2015 he worked as a lecturer at National Defence University at Aviation and Air Defence Faculty and Management and Command Faculty and between 2008 and 2015 at the Management and Command Faculty (Institute of Aviation and Aerial Defence).

Nowadays he is a professor at the Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin. Research conducted by Adam Radomyski focuses on:

• strategic, operational and tactical aspects of planning and the organization of air defence systems in times of peace, crisis and war;
• principles of forces and means of defence in warfare and operations other than war as well as the tactics of their actions;
• implementation of computer programs supporting decision-making processes in the process of air defence command
• strategic programming for capacity development of air defence systems in the fight against present and future air attack and threats generated by air terrorism;
• issues of strategic management including business models for civilian airline (traditional and low-cost).

The results of many years of research activities of Adam Radomyskiego reflected in number of publications. In total, Adam Radomyski PhD published more than 200 papers including: a dozen scripts and more than 100 articles. He is the author of 15 monographs and academic textbooks, 30 chapters in scientific monographs, over 20 scientific research. He also participated in the national project teams and expert teams.

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