On October 3, Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives organized a debate entitled ‚"Current political dynamic in US towards Poland and the CEE region”, with Corey Lewandowski - Donald Trump’s presidential campaign manager. The aim of the debate was to discuss the issues concerning Transatlantic cooperation in the field of foreign policy and economy with other partners as well as to rise awareness among the Polish society about the importance of tightening political and economic ties between Poland and the United States of America. The meeting was led by Jacek Karnowski, editor in chief of wSieci weekly journal. The meeting gathered scholars, journalists and other representatives, including think tanks, working on the issue of foreign policy. 

The main areas/topics discussed during the meeting included i.e. current political situation in the United Sates, how the White House operates behind-the-scenes, and, what seems to be most important from Polish point of view, American policy towards East-Central Europe. As Corey Lewandowski underlined, Donald Trump achieved his success because he started telling people the truth and showed them that there is nothing impossible to do. President Trump’s election slogan - America First - does not mean conducting isolationist policy by the United Staes, yet looking after U.S. interests. As Lewandowski noted, Trump was not chosen to represent somebody else, but the Americans. Moreover, United States apologized enough for it’s leadership and that it possesses enough strength to fight for it’s interests. This struggle can be seen i.e. in the change of American trade policy in relation to China, European Union and South Korea. Trump also showed that, in situations where it was assumed that nothing can be done, common practices do not restrain his will to act - that is one of the reasons why he is being regarded in a negative manner. As Lewandowski described, at present United States are finally applying the principle of reciprocity in it’s foreign policy. U.S. policy towards North Korea and NATO members is one of the examples. United States do not want to play the role of of World’s Policeman and will support only those partners and allies who will show commitment to the cause. 

This is why Poland was indicated as the most reliable partner for the United States in the region. A partner that understands the need for cooperation and the potential American military base in Poland - Fort Trump - is the best example of it. Lewandowski underlined that President Trump visited Poland during his first presidential trip. He indicated that the new American Ambassador to Poland has long standing direct links to President Trump. All of that shows how strong are our bilateral relations. Lewandowski was also asked about the issue of U.S. visas for Polish citizens. He noted that, during his visit in Warsaw, he talked about this issue with the American Ambassador. Furthermore, in his opinion, it is incomprehensible that through all these years the problem haven’t been solved, but he is aware that it requires legislative changes. Nevertheless, President Trump in such situations generally asks why we keep on doing it, and changes it. By the end of the debate, Lewandowski was also asked about NATO’s warranties and American presence in Poland. In response, Corey Lewandowski underlined that we shall be aware of the relative slowness of NATO’s reaction (the developments in the field are currently in progress). However, United States will react as soon as possible and President Trump does not forget about America’s allies - especially those who understand the need to invest in their military capabilities. 


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