We are pleased to announce that on December 12 Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives organised a workshop as a part of the “Industrial-Research Base of the Polish Navy 2.0” project. Main goals of the project:

  • Description of the capabilities of Polish industrial-research base in the modernisation process of the Polish Navy;
  • Identification of critical gaps in industrial-research and production capabilities of domestic industry which are important for the modernisation process of the Polish Navy;
  • Determine what sort of import is necessary to overcome contemporary and expected limitations of the domestic industry.

The meeting began with a presentation given by Maciej Styczyński (Head of Ship Industry Department at the Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation), concerning the priorities for the shipbuilding industry and the importance of specialized production, and Joanna Krześ-Dobieszewska (Chief Officer at the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology) regarding Ministry’s activities that support innovation and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. The meeting was moderated by Antoni Pieńkos (Director of Analysis Division at WISI). In the second part of the workshop all participants, including representatives of the public administration, military, media, business, academia and independent experts, had an opportunity to present themselves and their respective institutions in order to complete WISI’s materials concerning industrial-research base of the Polish Navy. Participants were also asked to work in groups in order to find any gaps in WISI’s catalogue on the capabilities of industrial-research base of the Polish Navy and to indicate strengths and weaknesses of the following sector. During the meeting participants also discussed about the modernisation priorities of Polish Navy.

The following catalogue will be presented in the first quarter of 2019. For more information concerning the catalogue please follow our website.

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