Brig. Gen. res. pilot Dariusz Wroński was the commander of elite units of the Polish Army, among others, 49. Combat Helicopter Regiment, 25 Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Aviation Brigade of the Land Forces, the Independent Group of Air-Assault in Iraq. Chief of Airmobile Army (later WA and Motorized). The last Chief of the Land Forces Training (until its dissolution in December 2013). He graduated the "School of Eaglets" in Dęblin, and went through all the ranks and commanding roles from pilot to brigade commander. He completed numerous courses at the National Defence University including the prestigious Postgraduate Studies in Defence Policy. Underwent training in France (Phalsbourg) in the field of combat search and rescue on the battlefield (NVG at night) and training in Fort Bragg, USA - special forces base - in preparation and conduct of operations in combat conditions.

Civil Education: postgraduate studies at the University of Gdansk - Faculty of Economics. Training for the members of supervisory boards of state-owned companies. Public Procurement Appraiser. He is a licensed to conduct business in the field of special trade. In 2015, after his military service he created UAV HELI & Solutions company, which he owns. In the same year he became President of the Centre of Implementation and Production ITWL Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw, establishing it from the very beginning. As part of the company he created one of the first certified drones pilot training school in Poland.

He is a member of the Polish Platform for Homeland Security Programme Council. Cooperates with TVP, TV Republika, PR24, Technika Lotnicza Magazine and others. Co-organizer and moderator of numerous conferences and congresses including the International Helicopter Conference - January 2016 and Cluster II World Congress (aerospace) - April 2016.

During his service - helicopters pilot of the Master Class. Instructor of operating in an extreme climate and war conditions and during the day and at night. Raid life 2780 hrs., including 76 sorties assault helicopters Mi-24W. He flew SM-1, SM-2, Mi-2, Mi-24D / W. Western machines: AH-1, AH-64, Bo-105, UH-1D, Gazelle, Super Puma, Cougar, Bell - 412. He has trained more than 200 pilots, mainly for combat helicopters. He prepared crew to perform combat tasks on almost all the deployments in Iraq, Chad and Afghanistan. He performed rescue flights and directed Helicopters Grouping during the floods in 1997 and 2001 in the south of Poland.

As the Chief of Airmobile Armed Forces – the Gestor of Armament, he was responsible for the technical supervision of the implementation of military equipment for use in the Polish Armed Forces and the combat use of helicopters. He participated in the work of international institutions, among others: Allied Command Transformation (ACT), NATO Army Armaments Group (NAAG), European Defence Agency (EDA), Association FINABEL, OCCAR, JAPCC (regarding the experience and threats forecasting).

As Helicopter Program Director in combat support, security and VIP, he was responsible for substantive oversight of proceeded helicopters in the Armed Forces. He led a group of Polish experts during the talks with representatives of OCCAR under the acquisition of KRUK helicopters. He prepared the Operational Requirements for new helicopters acquired for the Polish Armed Forces and for the "Programme of combat search and rescue on the battlefield - CSAR."

Author of numerous works and articles on the use of helicopter task forces in combat operations on the modern battlefield, including a number of analyses and opinions related to the development of helicopters abilities to act as intended in the country and abroad. Prepared the Helicopter Report for Armed Forces to 2030.


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