On April 6, the president of WISI participated in Safe City Forum held at the Center for Innovation Management and Technology Transfer of the Warsaw University of Technology 9 (CZIiTT). The event was organised by CZIiTT in cooperation with Business Advisory Team TOR and in partnership with WISI. The Institute’s president, Dariusz Lasocki, delivered a presentation entitled Local government today and tomorrow – how to look after its security? In his speech, he addressed issues such as access to public information, functioning of the local governments, reliability of a legally established order and cyber security of local government units. Much attention was devoted especially to the securing of offices and local governmental institutions against hacker attacks as currently the topic seems to be highly neglected in Poland and requires urgent steps to improve the situation. The best example of significance of this problem are the recent cyberattacks in the areas in Poland where American soldiers are currently deployed.

The event’s agenda focused on the challenges to security of urban environments in the 21st century. Among others, the participants included representatives of local municipality governments, uniformed services, academic centres and NGOs. The topics of the discussion varied from air pollution, through traffic surveillance systems and cybersecurity, to terrorist threats.

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