Border Guard Admiral Piotr Stocki is a graduate of the Military Communications Officers' School in Zegrze (1984-1988), earned a master's degree in the Agricultural and Technical University of Bydgoszcz in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications (1995-1997), completed postgraduate studies in European Integration at the University of Gdansk at the Jean Monnet's Faculty (2000-2001) and the Strategic Course in the Counterterrorism in Maritime Domain at the US Navy Special Operations Training Center (2011). After graduating from the Officer's School, he started his service in the Navy, in the Kaszubski Border Divisions. Then, since 1991, he had continued his service in the newly created Border Guard, initially in the Kaszubski Border Guard Division, since 1996 at the Command and Communications Department of the Maritime Border Guards Branch in Gdansk (KMOSG). After the establishment of the International Cooperation Division of Border Guards in 2002, he had continued service in this branch of KMOSG, and since December 2003 as the Senior Specialist of the Bureau of International Cooperation of the Border Guard Headquarters. From June 2004 to July 1, 2007 he held the position of the director of this Bureau. In the years 2005-2007 he represented Poland in the Board of Directors of the European Frontier Management Agency FRONTEX and in the working groups of the Council of Europe. From July 1, 2007 until February 1, 2017, he serviced at the Commandant position of the Border Guards Maritime Branch performing the program of exchanging naval vessels and the implementation of an integrated model of maritime border protection. Currently Admiral teaches at the Naval Academy in Gdynia.


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