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The year 2018 is not only the year in which Poles celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence, but also the establishment of Poland’s Naval Forces. On 28th November 1918 Marchal Józef Piłsudski issued a decree calling for the establishment of Polish Navy. That is why on this special day we would like to thank and pay our respects to all of those who contributed to the development of our statehood and strengthened our security through their service at the Polish Naval Forces. 

As a part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Polish Naval Forces, WISI has prepared a publication entitled “Polish Navy. For A to Z”. The aim of the project is to give readers a brighter look on history, present state and the future of the Polish Navy. Thanks to its character and illustrations, the publication seems to be a very good choice for those who are already familiar with the Polish Navy as well as those who want to expand their knowledge in this particular field. The publication can be found in various contest organised by WISI and media.

Moreover, as a part of the celebrations, WISI representatives had met with students during the XIV Maritime Decathlon which was organised by the 2nd Landing Craft Division of the 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla in Świnoujście. Best teams received board games developed by WISI “Polish Army - Foreign Missions”. WISI representatives also took part in the celebrations of the Polish Navy in Gdynia by participating in the seminar “100 years of the Polish Navy”. WISI team also participated in the unveiling of the monument “Maritime Poland” and in the military parade.

“On the sea, land and in the sky – Celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Polish Navy in the eyes of Poles” contest and exhibition 

Nevertheless, Navy does not only mean people, yet also the apparel and ships - and these always attract a lot of attention from casual passerby, people gathered at different ceremonies as well as those interested in maritime issues. In order to celebrate this great movement, Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives decided to collect all of these memories and to organize a photo contest presenting the most interesting photographs taken during the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Polish Naval Forces. The following pictures were presented on 28th November 2018, as a part of “On the sea, land and in the sky – Celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Polish Navy in the eyes of Poles” exhibition, during the official celebration of the 100th anniversary of Polish Navy at music theatre in Gdynia. 

The exhibition received a great deal of attention. Authors of the most interesting works received their prizes directly from the Navy Inspector Jarosław Ziemiański. The photographs can be seen at the Main Library of Polish Naval Academy as well as in other places - for more info follow our website and our social media profiles. 

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