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The educational programme Live history - a meeting with a Veteran consists of 3 parts: creation of a dedicated educational game Polish Army - Foreign Missions; workshops for teachers and a series of high school classes devoted to Polish Army’s engagement in foreign missions after the Second World War and Polish veterans’ experience.

The intention of WISI is to use the programme to increase the awareness of military conflicts worldwide among pupils, introduce them to the foreign experience of Polish veterans and possible career paths in the Polish Army, as well as the training before deployment to a foreign mission. Additionally, the project aims to stimulate the discussion on peace operations and draw attention to the need to develop strategic thinking in high schools. Simultaneously, Live history promotes the use of interactive tools, such as board games in education. The purpose behind the project is to improve the image of Polish soldiers in the society, promote the ethos of military service and encourage respect for the profession of a soldier.

One-day workshops for teachers are intended to familiarise them with WISI’s and Veteran Centre’s activity, and board games as an educational tool for history and civics classes. During the meeting, besides being introduced to benefits of board games and how they incubate creative thinking, the teachers will be acquainted with the knowledge foreign mission veterans can pass through onto the pupils and discuss further cooperation options.

The next phase of the programme will focus on high school classes, which will put emphasis on Polish Army’s involvement in foreign missions after the Second World War. The topic will be presented through a veteran’s perspective.






Polish Army - Foreign Missions the game


A part of WISI’s programme is to develop an educational game in partnership with Taktyka i Strategia publishing house. The game will be dedicated to the programme and will be available to use by schools participating in the project. The aim of the game is to introduce players to history, geography and numerical values associated with foreign missions of the Polish Army after the Second World War. The players will be informed how significant the polish involvement in foreign peacekeeping missions was and how much sacrifice it required - some soldiers have payed the highest price for their service. The whole project and the game itself are, therefore, a tribute to all Polish veterans, who were deployed to foreign missions.

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Programme partners

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Center for Foreign Mission Veterans serves as an institution that provides foreign mission veterans and the families of fallen military servicemen with help, advice and legal and psychological consultation. The Center actively cooperates with the appropriate departmental institutions and NGOs. Moreover, the Center promotes integration within the veteran community, particularly when it comes to veteran initiated projects. An essential part of the Center’s work focuses on education and promotion of the veteran community. Through numerous activities, the Center popularises the achievements and significance of Polish Army soldiers in foreign missions.




Taktyka i Strategia publishing house specialises in promotion of military history and creation of war games simulating the most important and the most interesting battles in global, European, and Polish history.


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We invite the schools and teachers interested in the project to contact WISI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (fill the topic box with “Żywa historia - spotkanie z weteranem”) or call WISI directly at +48 793 411 031.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We also encourage you to contact the Center for Foreign Mission Veterans, get acquainted with its educational offer, the library contents and other offerings of the Center. You can find more information at centrum-weterana.mon.gov.pl




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